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James Neesom In Excellent Form Going Into 2014 Manx Grand Prix


Photo by Road Racing News

James Neesom is in excellent form going into the 2014 Manx Grand Prix. Recently at cock of the north road races the rider who made his debut on the mountain course in 2013 secured third place finish in opening super twin race.

Kawasaki mounted for super twins race at cock of the north James went onto achieve 4th and two 6th place finishes in remaining races in the highly competitive class.

Second supersport race would prove to be a productive one with seventh place finish following an accomplished performance. Feature cock of the north saw James go onto achieve a highly creditable 11th place finish.

Having made his Manx Grand Prix debut last year securing third place finish in newcomers B race, the rider who is getting better and better in road racing has every chance of top results in super twin, junior and senior races.

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