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Invercargill Street Races – F1 Race Wrap Up

This years Invercargill Street Races which form part of the Burt Munro challenge, saw the Rees family secure the first three placing’s in the Formula 1 race, as Mitch Rees secured race victory in front of his father Tony, with his brother Damon finalising the top three finishers.

Guy Martin making his debut at Invercargill in New Zealand, marked his roads return with a top ten finish on his Pikes Peak Racing Suzuki powered “Martek” machine.

With the uncertainty over his pure road racing future, this could potentially be the last time we have seen Guy in roads competition.


Additional riders to impress in the 8 lap race, which featured challenging wet and windy conditions, included Dan McKenzie in fourth place and Kamahl Watson fifth, whilst winner of both Bears F1 races Jeremy Kortegast, was a non starter.

Invercargill Street Races – F1 Race Results:

1 Mitch Rees
2 Tony Rees
3 Damon Rees
4 Dan McKenzie
5 Kamahl Watson
6 Craig Thomas
7 Ryan Carlton
8 Michael Lee
9 Brett Wilson
10 Guy Martin
11 Peter Harper

Next roads action on the horizon in New Zealand, is the Wanganui Road Races, on the famous Cemetery Circuit.

A lot of attention will be on 13 times TT winner Michael Dunlop, who makes his Wanganui debut, as he competes established event specialists Sloan Frost, Scott Moir, Tony Rees and recent fifth place finisher at the 50th Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix, Horst Saiger.

Words by Stevie Rial

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