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Generous Public Donations To The Mike Hailwood Foundation At TT 2019

The Mike Hailwood Foundation cafe’s donation bottle at TT 2019 contained a fantastic amount, totalling, £878.17 pounds. The MHF charity, thank all their wonderful customers for their most welcome donations.

Also at TT 2019, Team Arai synonymous with the world famous, illustrious, iconic TT Races handed over a jar containing £1101.14 pounds to the Mike Hailwood Foundation charity.

Kevin Quirk on behalf of the charity that supports rising Manx GP stars, Mountain Course newcomers, TT stars of tomorrow accepted this generous donation given to him from Team Arai and all their customers during the TT fortnight.

Photo credit: Road Racing News

(Pictured handing over the donation is Pierre Talahaty from Arai Helmet Europe to Kevin Quirk MHF)

Words by Debra Rial