67th Scarborough Gold Cup – Weekend Schedule

67th Scarborough Gold Cup – Weekend Schedule

The dripping with history roads of Oliver’s Mount are primed and ready for competition tomorrow, as the start of what could well be a record breaking 67th Gold Cup meeting enters the horizon.

It’s the always entertaining Supersport 600’s that are scheduled to get competition underway on Saturday morning.

Whilst the rest of the days prospective schedule includes ten races, as the likes of Dean Harrison, Michael Dunlop and Ivan Lintin aim to kick off their latest Gold Cup campaign’s in fine style.

The full schedule at present for the 67th Scarborough Gold Cup, is as follows:

September 23rd:

09:00 AM Supersport Even Numbers Practice
09:15 AM Supersport Odd Numbers Practice
09:30 AM Super Twins Practice
09:45 AM Lightweight/Ultra Lightweight Practice
10:00 AM Senior Practice
10:15 AM Classic Superbikes Practice
10:30 AM Open Even Numbers Practice
10:45 AM Open Odd Numbers Practice
11:00 AM Sidecars Practice

11:15 AM Supersport Even Numbers Qualifying
11:30 AM Supersport Odd Numbers Qualifying
11:45 AM Super Twins Qualifying
12:00 PM Lightweight/Ultra Lightweight Qualifying
12:15 PM Senior Qualifying
12:30 PM Classic Superbikes Qualifying
12:45 PM Open Even Numbers Qualifying
1:00 PM Open Odd Numbers Qualifying
1:15 PM Sidecars Qualifying

2:00 PM Supersport A Race 1 8 Laps
2:25 PM Supersport B Race 1 6 Laps
2:45 PM Super Twins Race 1 8 Laps
3:10 PM Sidecars Race 1 6 Laps
3:35 PM Solo Open A Race 1 8 Laps
4:00 PM Solo Open B Race 1 6 Laps
4:20 PM Lightweight/Ultra Lightweight Race 1 8 Laps
4:45 PM Senior Race 1 8 Laps
5:10 PM Sidecars Race 2 6 Laps
5:30 PM Classic Superbikes Race 1 8 Laps

September 24th:

09:00 AM Junior Warm Up
09:12 AM Super Twins Warm Up
09:24 AM Sidecars Warm Up
09:36 AM Lightweight/Ultra Lightweight Warm Up
09:48 AM Senior Warm Up
10:00 AM Classic Superbikes Warm Up
10:45 AM Gold Cup Qualifying – 15 Minutes

11:00 AM Lightweight/Ultra Lightweight Race 2 8 Laps
11:25 AM Supersport A Race 2 8 Laps
11:50 AM Supersport B Race 2 6 Laps
12:10 PM Sidecars Race 3 6 Laps

1:35 PM Parade of Stars 4 Laps
2:15 PM Super Twins Race 2 8 Laps
2:40 PM Solo Open A Race 2 8 Laps
3:05 PM Solo Open B Race 2 6 Laps
3:25 PM Classic Superbikes Race 2 8 Laps
4:00 PM Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup 8 Laps
4:30 PM Sidecars Race 4 6 Laps
4:50 PM Senior Race 2 8 Laps

Words by Stevie Rial

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