Viewpoint: Tough Times Presently For The Ulster GP But We Shouldn’t Give Up On The World’s Fastest Road Race

Viewpoint: Tough Times Presently For The Ulster GP But We Shouldn’t Give Up On The World’s Fastest Road Race

It’s not surprising to see the negative response online to the news about the Ulster GP’s ongoing financial difficulties but we shouldn’t give up on the world’s fastest road race.

Yes the situation presently looks bleak, like facing up to a huge tsunami and landslide combined but as pure road racing history has shown on many an occasion, when times get tough there can be a guiding, shimmering, sparkling light at the end of an enclosed tunnel.

For instance there’s the recent reincarnation of racing at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough and when the FIM dropped the TT off the Moto GP calendar in 1977, some probably thought that it’s for the TT as a major event.

As history has proved 42 years on from the FIM’s decision, the TT Races remains a giant event in the world of motorsport.

The Ulster GP closing in on it’s 100th anniversary is no different. For various racing insiders, road racing aficionados the best mass start road race worldwide, race action at Dundrod never ceases to amaze, thrill, excite.

Focusing solely on the positive parts of this year’s Ulster GP, you can’t but not focus upon on Peter Hickman’s record breaking exploits.

Unbeatable throughout the meeting, Hickman’s record breaking lap speed of 136.415 mph brought the coveted world’s fastest road race crown back to Dundrod.

Following last August’s Ulster GP action, I left Dundrod positively believing that the UGP has an extremely bright future.

I still to a certain extent believe this. Maybe it’s folly on my part, putting my head in the clouds but the potential is there for it to prosper in the future.

There’s no easy answers to the event’s current problems, clearly major, major financial input is needed.

If you mixed together sustained financial input, togetherness, bucket loads of tenacity, blue sky entrepreneurial thinking, live TV coverage from my point of view you’d be close to hitting the right concept to make the Ulster GP a success business wise.

There is always answers to questions, no matter how difficult, or glass stained, it’s how the questions are approached.

I wish the Dundrod and District Motorcycle Club all the best for the future and hopefully we will hear positive news regarding the Ulster GP in near future times. Again maybe folly thinking this but negative reporting, thoughts don’t help in tough situations, it’s not a time to give up.

Words by Stevie Rial

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