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Oliver’s Mount Top 8: Mike Norbury

Twice a Supersport class winner at North Yorkshire’s ‘Mini TT’, Runner-up within last September’s Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup, Spada supported Mike Norbury is the next racer to take part in Road Racing News acclaimed Oliver’s Mount Top 8 series.

A former top five Newcomers Manx Grand Prix finisher, his answers to the Scarborough themed set of questions are as follows:

Q1: First memory of Oliver’s Mount?

“First memory was pulling up onto the grid at the Spring Cup for my first road race and it was sleeting thinking what am I doing here. But I managed to win the B race and loved it ever since.”

Q2: Favourite part about racing at the mount?

“My favourite part has to be how friendly the paddock is. Everyone gets on and if you have a problem you wouldn’t have to look far for help.”

Q3: Favourite section of Scarborough course?

“Favourite section has to be the Jumps.”

Q4: Best moment thus far at Scarborough?

“Best moment would have to be a recent one coming 2nd at the Gold Cup to Lee (Johnston).”

Q5: All time Scarborough racing hero?

“Got to be Deano (Dean Harrison). The way he can leave us all and make it look effortless and never make a mistake.”

Q6: Is there one machine in particular that you would like to race at Scarborough?

“I’d love to try a nice 250 2 stroke or Moto 3 bike. Something small you could thrown around the hairpins.”

Q7: One word to describe Oliver’s Mount?


Q8: Most respected racing rival at Scarborough?

“My most respected rival would be James Cowton. We had some mega battles but I could never quite beat him. Also I have the upmost respect for Stephen Degnan. Still showing us younger lads how it’s done at his age and he’s still on it!”

Words by Stevie Rial