Viewpoint: The First Abandonment Was Expected This Time Not As Much

Viewpoint: The First Abandonment Was Expected This Time Not As Much

Last March when it was announced that TT 2020 wouldn’t take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of the pure road racing fraternity wasn’t surprised.

Fast forward to today’s 12:00 PM announcement and I think it’s fair to say this time the news wasn’t as expected.

I’m fully aware of the problems that the Covid-19 pandemic has placed upon the Isle of Man, the UK, the world, planet earth but in recent times there’s been lots of positive news.

The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine, encouraging updates from esteemed experts and these are experts not covididiots as some may state, the UK’s Covid R number dropping.

I’m sure it hasn’t been an easy decision for the TT organisers but you can sense the disappointment of prospective competitors, teams, fans, journalists, photographers.

I recently asked via Facebook, what racers thoughts are on the TT 2021 cancellation. Newcomers A Manx GP front runner from 2020 Mike Mace stated:

“Sad but somewhat inevitable, was half expecting them to cancel the Manx/Classic to replace with the TT but struggling to see Southern 100 or MGP going ahead at this rate. Unsure on whether or not to plan to get signatures for Mountain licence or not.”

TC Racing Team Manager, former TT/Manx GP racer Mick Charnock stated:

“From a Manx team point of view it was inevitable. Way too many variables to take into account and it did need to be called early.

Cancelling the Manx and running the TT in August would have been crazy with 200 bhp plus bikes on slicks riding in low sun conditions, so running the Manx and classic will have to do for us. Don’t get me wrong I’m gutted it’s off but not shocked at the announcement.”

2010 Newcomers A Manx GP runner-up Shaun Anderson stated the following:

“I am in shock, in the back of my mind we all knew that it was a possibility. But I think most people where hoping for some good news, a smaller TT in August with only a single set of races or something.

Now going forward, I have to speak to sponsors and the teams I am involved with and see what we can construct for the 2021 season. A change in direction considering my complete season is based round the TT.

All the mountain racers will have a long wait to see if the Manx GP and Classic TT goes ahead and the decision of that in March seems a long way away at the moment. But I am sure the demand for classic rides have just shot up.”

2016 Newcomers A Manx GP runner-up Julian Trummer, added via Facebook:

“TT 2021 cancelled. Even if the decision was comprehensible and predictable, a world collapses for us. Outsiders may not understand this but as a driver you live for the TT.”

Words by Stevie Rial

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