South America’s Pure Road Racing Presence

South America’s Pure Road Racing Presence

Although South America may not have the presence within pure road racing, as say within the UK, Isle of Man and Continental Europe, they have over the years hosted pure road race meeting’s, plus have produced series of accomplished roads exponents.

In 2008, Cordoba in Argentina, hosted the Copina Road Races. The circuit, 31 kilometres long saw a host of high calibre Argentinian pilots compete alongside TT Races competitor Sergio Romero, plus PRF Racing’s Ryan McCay, runner up in the 2008 Junior Manx Grand Prix.

David Paredes, regarded as Argentina’s most famous pure road racer was victorious in the feature race of the meeting, Nicholas Pound and Jose Figueroa finalised the top three finishers.

Roads action at Copina, attracted huge crowds, plus vastly increased the exposure of pure road racing in Argentina and across the whole South American continent.

Outside of the Cordoba based meet, the next most known roads event in recent years in South America, has been the Motovelocidad Del Valle in Colombia.

The event, which carries a Le Mans style start for each race, with riders running to their machines, has proven a hit with thousands online, via coverage on You Tube.

Meets such as Motovelocidad De Valle and Copina, are further firm proof of the sheer worldwide appeal of real road racing.


Photo by Heidi Danaher

With regards to road racers from South America, alongside David Paredes, fellow Argentinian Walter Cordoba and Brazil’s Rafael Paschoalin both have graced the Mountain Course over the last 15 years.

Looking towards the future, it’s difficult to state as to whether South America, will have representation at either the TT Races or Manx Grand Prix.

In my opinion a more realistic possibility over the next ten years, could be a round of a possible Road Racing World Series/World Championship.

Words by Stevie Rial

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