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Roy Hanks – Sidecar TT Hero

Roy Hanks is one of the most well liked and well known sidecar racers in the TT paddock, Roy has now being competing at the TT for 48 years. When competing in his first TT Roy said at first he didn’t like it but then after going to a short circuit Roy decided that nothing compares to competing at the TT.

After first nights practice on Saturday, Roy said ” After first lap, changed set-up, always bumpy on first lap”. Roy also went onto say how the TT circuit has improved plus that for this years sidecar TT newcomers the first lap for them would have been a real eye opener.

At his first attempt at the TT in 1966 Roy finished in 18th place and has since gone onto become a stalwart in the sidecar paddock at the TT.


Pictured next to Roy Hanks in this picture are two members of Roy’s team at the TT, Gerald Daniel and H.

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