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Road racings great races – TT supersport race 1 2011 report

TT supersport race 1 2011 report

The second supersport TT race of TT 2011 started in dry conditions throughout which was a stark contrast to the damp conditions in which the race was run in the previous day before being cancelled on lap 2. From the start up to Glen Helen it was Michael Dunlop who set the pace before once again mechanical gremlins struck the Street Sweep Yamaha R6 supersport bike. So that meant Gary Johnson took the race lead by a huge margin of nearly 10 seconds over John Mcguinness in second place at the end of lap 1.

Keith Amor was in third place, Cameron Donald occupied fourth place whilst Guy Martin was in fifth place on the Relentless Suzuki by TAS Suzuki GSX-R 600. On lap 2 Johnson still lead and was maintaining a comfortable gap to Mcguinness in second place who was equally holding station in front of Cameron Donald, Keith Amor and Guy Martin who where all battling over third place. At the end of lap 2 the pit-stops beckoned, they went well for Gary Johnson and the East Coast racing team as at the end of lap 2 Gary took a 8 second lead over Cameron Donald now in second place on the Wilson Craig racing Honda CBR-600 bike.

On lap 3 Gary Johnson still lead but Cameron Donald was getting faster as the race went on he was now in front of John Mcguinness in third place now and was on a charge. Guy Martin was now in fourth place with Keith Amor now in fifth place, Bruce Anstey completed the top six on the Padgetts Honda CBR 600 bike. At the end of lap 3 Gary Johnson continued to lead on the East Coast racing supersport bike as Cameron Donald kept getting faster and faster whilst occupying second place.

Lap 4 beckoned and the battle at the front was getting closer as lap 4 went on. Johnson still lead but Donald was reeling him in until near the end of lap 4 Donald’s bike began to slow, it was a fuelling issue he was out of the race. This allowed John Mcguinness through into second place. At the end of lap 4 Gary Johnson took a superb debut race win in the supersport TT race 2 of TT 2011. John Mcguinness took second place, Guy Martin took third place 8 seconds in front of Keith Amor in fourth place.

Bruce Anstey finished in 5th place whilst Conor Cummins took 6th place on the Mcadoo Kawasaki ZX-6 supersport bike. Ben Wylie took 7th place on the Per Cup Coffee Company Yamaha R6. The leading newcomer in the race was Dean Harrison who took a superb 12th place finish on the Ian Bell motorcycles Yamaha R6. Overall an interesting race and one that brought a great debut Isle of Man TT victory for Gary Johnson.

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