Pure Road Racing’s Future – What’s Needed, What’s Needed To Change Part 6

Pure Road Racing’s Future – What’s Needed, What’s Needed To Change Part 6

Part six of Road Racing News, Pure Road Racing’s Future – What’s Needed, What’s Needed to Change series features opinions from racers epitomising the term ‘grass roots racing’ and an esteemed team owner.

As with previous articles, the opinions, ideas raised are diverse, candid, brutally honest, truthful and most of all real, it’s what the road racing public, fraternity thinks.

Billy McKinstry, who’s McKinstry Racing outfit has run the likes of multi TT winners Dean Harrison and Ivan Lintin, stated:

“Drop entry fees for riders. Make it that riders can afford to race. Tighten qualifying times. Run all Ireland championships.”

2017 Newcomers B Manx GP winner Derek Wilson added:

“The last thing I’d want is to take away from any of the existing events. But I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to have a Friday (the first of 3 day events ) for support riders only.”

Photo by Baylon McCaughey

Top 20 Dundrod 150 finisher Paul Mackey forwarded the following view:

“Stop trying to cram to much into the short time you have and give riders more of a chance to learn the circuit better, this is worth it because you get the riders more comfortable with faster lap times and safer because of knowing the circuit better.

I know it’s a money spinner for the club that is hard needed but as most circuits are either in Ireland or Isle of Man, many ferry companies and travel companies could already charge the customer that aren’t competing and give it to the club.

They must also appreciate they wouldn’t have the trade if it wasn’t for the road race. Especially for the smaller clubs.”

Marshal, Team Leader, One Nine Four Six Marshals Association’s Hayley Colebrook commented:

“1. Sidecars need more support, more coverage, more promotion, better support for newcomers. 2. Insurance costs for clubs to be affordable. 3. Overall more support for young people entering the sport from the riders to the officials and volunteers.”

Alan O’Brien added this following perspective:

“Personally I think every effort should be made to reduce the insurance costs. Spectators watching in safer zones similar to Cookstown last year will have a huge impact on the number of claims.

The time of people two or three deep on each side of the road exiting Sam’s tunnel simply should not be an option. I’m sure that 3 or 4 safe years without a large number of claims by the public will in turn reduce premiums.

Also, start earlier and finish later on practice and race days. If we finish early great but if there are delays then it’s not problem.”

Words by Stevie Rial

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