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Oliver’s Mount Top 8: Charlie Williams

1980 TT Formula Two World Champion, overall nine times a TT winner, the racing legend that is Charlie Williams is the next racer to take part in Road Racing News, hugely popular Oliver’s Mount Top 8 series.

The International roads great, who recently piloted exotic, priceless MV Agusta machinery during parade laps at the 68th Scarborough Gold Cup, answers to the Scarborough themed set of questions are as follows:

Q1: First memory of Oliver’s Mount?

“Winning the Cock O’The North beating Granty (Mick Grant) on my first visit to Scarborough in 1973.”

Q2: Favourite part about racing at the mount?

“It’s so different to any other circuit.”

Q3: Favourite section of Scarborough course?

“The Jumps”

Q4: Best moment thus far at Scarborough?

“Same answer as Q1.”

Q5: All time Scarborough racing hero?

“Difficult! Sheene (Barry) plus Granty (Mick Grant).

Q6: Is there one machine in particular that you would like to race at Scarborough?

“My racing days are all but over. After riding the MV last weekend, the next choice would have to be the Honda Six.”

Q7: One word to describe Oliver’s Mount?

“We used to call it ‘SCARE borough’. I think that’s still reasonably apt!”

Q8: Most respected racing rival at Scarborough?

“At Scarborough, Steve Tonkin.”

Words by Stevie Rial