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New Road Race In Durango Set For Lift Off

Given these uncertain times, it’s an absolute joy to report that a new pure road race in North America is set for lift off in May.

The new roads event located in Durango, Mexico, organised by the organisers of the Cain Road Race, will take place on a over 25 kilometres long roads course, with competitive action taking place from the 16th May.

This will be the third real roads meet to take place worldwide in 2021, after the already run Invercargill Street Races, Cliffhanger Hill Climb in New Zealand.

Likely to be similar in essence to the previously mentioned Cain Road Race, the Durango road race can only help in increasing the already growing popularity of real road racing across the America continents.

Photo courtesy of Ladja Sucik

For further information on Mexico’s latest roads event, check out Cain Road Race’s Facebook page Cain Road Race

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou