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Neil And Marjorie Millar True Road Racing Enthusiasts

Christmas Eve 2014, Road Racing News talks to two enthusiasts of the Isle of Man TT Races, Neil and Marjorie Millar from Scotland.

At the Isle of Man TT Races 2010, I had the pleasure to meet Neil and Marjorie Millar. It was good to chat to two enthusiasts of the sport.

Neil and Marjorie have been life- long supporters of road racing and have been going to the Isle of Man TT Races for 55years and are looking forward to TT 2015, with as much anticipation as always.
Special years, to them are 1957 and 1992.

1957 was a momentous year, being the first 100mph lap of the TT course, ridden by Bob Mcintyre on a Gilera. How fortunate to witness an immense achievement in pure road racing records.

1992 was Steve Hislop’s year and an all time favourite of theirs. Steve won the Isle of Man, Senior TT in 1992 on a British bike, The Norton, won for first time since 1961, when Mike Hailwood rode the Norton to victory in the Senior TT.

Black Hut is situated between the 29th Milestone and 30th Milestone on the Mountain and a favourite place of Neil and Marjorie’s to watch the races.

They have been spectators there many times over the decades and seen many a rider in full flight, excelling on the most famous road racing circuit in the world.


Photo by Road Racing News

When asked what brings them back to the Island each year, it was a very clear and honest answer, “Because it is Pure Road Racing”.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to know Neil and Marjorie, two genuine loyal road racing fans.

I look forward as always to catching up with them at TT 2015 and learning more about the iconic road race from knowledgeable supporters who are considerate to share their experience.

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