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Michael Russell Set For Formula 1 Classic TT

Michael Russell is all set to compete in the 2015 formula 1 classic TT.

The 2010 senior Manx Grand Prix winner is set to pilot Bragg Creek Powersports RC30 Honda, as he pushes for another top quality result on the mountain course.

TT 2015 saw Michael enjoy an excellent two weeks competition, as he competed for the fourth time at TT Races.

RST superbike TT would see him in action on club 55 racing CBR 1000 Honda Fireblade, following a highly accomplished performance, 33rd place finish was recorded.

Main highlight of TT 2015 for Michael was in the lightweight TT, competing on Manx Gas backed Ryan Farquhar prepared ER6 Kawasaki.

Superb seventh place finish was achieved as the 2014 super twins Manx Grand Prix winner recorded new personal best result at the most famous road race in the world.


Recently at the 60th Southern 100, Jack Russell secured back to back fourth place finishes in super twin races, as he showed top class form on KMR ER6 Kawasaki.

A proven winner on the mountain course, Michael Russell has the talent, ability, ambition to seal standout result in this years formula 1 race, at Classic TT Races.

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