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Manx Grand Prix fifth practice news

James Coward once again was fastest during tonights fifth practice session at the Manx Grand Prix this year with a lap speed of over 118 mph. Second fastest tonight was Stephen Mcknight on his Yamaha R6 who lapped at over 115 mph. John Simpson was fastest newcomer tonight on the Splitlath Redmond motorsport Triumph 675 Daytona bike with a lap speed of 113.3 mph. 2nd fastest newcomer was Bjorn Gunnarsson on his Yamaha R6 with a lap speed of 108.6 mph.

Fastest 750 rider was Paul Smyth who lapped at 114.842 mph his fastest lap of practice week so far. Leading the mini-twins lap times was Nigel Moore on the KMR Kawasaki ER6 with a lap speed of 109.362 mph.

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