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Manx GP Top 6: Michael Evans

Outright event lap record holder, Newcomers A winner in 2016, Junior and Senior race victor in 2017, all time MGP great Michael Evans is next to take part in Road Racing News, rising in popularity Manx GP Top 6 series.

Evans who’s set to compete for the Wilcock Consulting, Heattech Racing teams at TT 2020, answers to the Mountain Course themed set of questions are as follows:

Q1: When you first competed at the Manx, what was your first initial thought of the Mountain Course?

“First initial thoughts were that it felt normal, exactly how I imagined it would.”

Q2: Most memorable Manx GP bike?

“Most memorable bike hard to say as I won on 3 different bikes but probably my K7 Suzuki 600 that I won the newcomers on, as it was almost 10 years old and was first 600 I ever rode.”

Q3: Most treasured memory from the Manx?

“Most treasured memory again hard to say but possibly winning the Junior MGP as there was a few things against me in that race and it wasn’t expected.”

Q4: Is there one specific Manx GP competitor that you look up to?

“Not one person but the guys who don’t have the best bikes or equipment or a big budget but still come back and love it.”

Q5: Describe the Manx GP in one word?


Q6: Finally, if you could race one machine from any series, championship around the Mountain Course, what would it be?

“Full World Supersport spec Yamaha R6 or a perfect handling Superbike if that exists.”

Words by Stevie Rial