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Manchester’s Norbury Parts Company With ECTA Racing

Following a challenging first TT campaign, highly rated next gen roads exponent Mike Norbury has elected to part company with ECTA Racing.

Manchester’s Norbury, fifth in the 2017 Newcomers A Manx Grand Prix, maiden TT tenure albeit a tough one also provided a selection of positive feats.

Which included securing bronze replica trophies, following 49th and 41st place finishes in the Monster Energy Supersport races, plus setting within the Royal London 360 Quantum Superstock race a new personal best lap speed of 118.37 mph.

Ultimately concluding race week with a non finish within the blue riband Pokerstars Senior race, following an incident at Keppel Gate, the ambitious racer speaking recently about his decision to call time on his partnership with ECTA Racing, stated via Facebook:

“I have decided that it’s in my best interest to part ways with ECTA Racing and go back on my own racing my own R6. I was struggling to fund and run a race team like that, as well as ride the bikes and it was showing in my results.

I would like to thank ECTA for the opportunity and wish them best for the future. In the mean time I will be prepping my own R6 and I will be carrying on my personal sponsor logos who helped me at ECTA on my own bike for the rest of the season.

I could do with some help to continue racing this season so if anyone is interested in helping please get in touch.”

Words by Stevie Rial