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Kopcany: Pulsating Superbike Display From Marek Cerveny

Producing a quite pulsating performance around the 3.13 kilometre long roads of Kopcany, Marek Cerveny underlined his status as one of Continental Europe’s leading roads stars, with a dominant Superbike race victory.

Second placed Petr Biciste, was over 21 seconds behind his compatriot, who proved yet again, why he is rated so highly by pure road racing aficionados a plenty.

Photo by Karel Soukal

Classic 175/250 winner Jozef Jezovica made it an all S1000RR BMW mounted podium, in finishing third.

Ales Nechvatal was fourth, Jiri Petrla an excellent fifth as long time TT Races competitor, Toni Rechberger concluded the top six.

Completing the first ten finishers was Tomas Myslivecek, Milos Jonak, Vladimir Vlcek and Lubos Jelinek.

In total 13 riders, finished the 12 lap race, which saw Marek Cerveny enjoy another golden real roads feat.

Kopcany – Superbike Race Results:

1 Marek Cerveny
2 Petr Biciste
3 Jozef Jezovica
4 Ales Nechvatal
5 Jiri Petrla
6 Toni Rechberger
7 Tomas Myslivecek
8 Milos Jonak
9 Vladimir Vlcek
10 Lubos Jelinek
11 Martin Suchacek
12 Zdenek Sedlak
13 Jiri Valis

Words by Stevie Rial