IRRC Terlicko: Hoffmann, Kostamo Claim Supersport, Superbike Qualifying Success

IRRC Terlicko: Hoffmann, Kostamo Claim Supersport, Superbike Qualifying Success

IRRC Supersport:

Laurent Hoffmann’s leading lap time of 2 minutes 20.560 seconds, from the first qualifying session held in wet, damp conditions, proved more than enough to secure overall IRRC Supersport qualifying honours at Terlicko.

With course conditions becoming more challenging for Q2, all the 15 racers taking part in this weekend’s IRRC Supersport encounters, didn’t better their lap times from Q1.

Due to this fact, plus the pace he showed in first qualifying, Belgian roads star Hoffmann finished overall quickest by nigh on 0.7 of a second, with series leader Wepol Road Racing’s Matthieu Lagrive (2.21.250) leading the challenge to the ZX6R Kawasaki mounted racer.

Q2 pace setter Luca Gottardi (2.23.410) placed third quickest, finishing just 0.010 of a second faster than LSE Racing’s Christian Schmitz (2.23.420).

Rounding out Saturday’s overall ten fastest middle weight class competitors were Tomas Toth (2.24.340), Performance Racing Achterhoek’s Ilja Caljouw (2.24.370), Erwan Bannwart (2.24.460), Anssi Koski (2.27.890), lead Pikes Peak debutant Kamil Holan (2.28.420) and Team Schleizer Dreieck’s Sebastian Frotscher.

IRRC Terlicko: Combined Supersport qualifying result, is as follows:

1 laurent Hoffmann 2.20.560
2 Matthieu Lagrive 2.21.250
3 Luca Gottardi 2.23.410
4 Christian Schmitz 2.23.420
5 Tomas Toth 2.24.340
6 Ilja Caljouw 2.24.370
7 Erwan Bannwart 2.24.460
8 Anssi Koski 2.27.890
9 Kamil Holan 2.28.420
10 Sebastian Frotscher 2.30.050
11 Kai Zentner 2.31.790
12 Yann Galli 2.32.670
13 Marek Satek 2.33.240
14 Luca Zanutto 2.36.150
15 Krystian Paluch 2.42.240

IRRC Superbike:

Wet, damp, dry, mixed, IRRC Superbike class competitors were greeted today by a wide variety of contrasting conditions on the ultra-fast, rapid Terlicko course.

After the first superbike qualifying session held in largely all round wet conditions, qualifying 2 saw course conditions take a turn for the better, with much brighter weather embarking upon Terlicko.

With roads in much drier shape compared to from the morning’s competitive action, the pace jumped up a level in Q2, which was topped by Naulankanta 38 Motorsport’s Erno Kostamo, following a dramatic late burst of pace from the Finnish racer.

Lapping at 2 minutes 14.070 seconds, Kostamo was the only racer this afternoon to dip under the 2 minutes 15 seconds mark.

Nothing was stopping Kostamo today from clinching pole position for tomorrow’s nine lap IRRC Superbike races.

Photo courtesy of Juuso Valtakari

Such was the turn of speed shown by Kostamo, that come the completion of Q2, he had an advantage overall at the helm of the combined qualifying times sheet, of 1.26 seconds over nearest overall pursuer Didier Grams (2.15.330).

IRRC Superbike series leader Davey Todd (2.15.350), competing for the first time at Terlicko, finished third quickest, whilst reigning premier class IRRC champion, lead non S1000RR BMW mounted competitor Danny Webb (2.15.860) finished fourth fastest.

Concluding the ten fastest overall IRRC Superbike exponents were Czech roads great Marek Cerveny (2.16.550), David Datzer (2.16.570), leading Swiss roads talent Lukas Maurer (2.16.880), event wildcard Patrik Vostarek (2.16.910), 2017 TT Privateers champion Horst Saiger (2.17.640) and Ales Nechvatal (2.18.490).

IRRC Terlicko: Combined qualifying result, is as follows:

1 Erno Kostamo 2.14.070
2 Didier Grams 2.15.330
3 Davey Todd 2.15.350
4 Danny Webb 2.15.860
5 Marek Cerveny 2.16.550
6 David Datzer 2.16.570
7 Lukas Maurer 2.16.880
8 Patrik Vostarek 2.16.910
9 Horst Saiger 2.17.640
10 Ales Nechvatal 2.18.490
11 Virgil Amber Bloemhard 2.19.190
12 Thomas Berghammer 2.19.810
13 Kamil Holan 2.21.680
14 Pavel Tomecek 2.22.820
15 Martin Suchacek 2.28.370
16 Tomas Borovka 2.28.750
17 Marcel Elsner 2.28.820
18 Olivier Lupberger 2.29.780
19 Vassilios Takos 2.30.370
20 Foti Psomadakis 2.35.620
21 Emil Krchnavy 2.38.110
22 Rob Van Eijs 2.38.550
23 Kurt Haek 2.39.450
24 Yannik Jacops 2.42.390

Words by Stevie Rial

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