Dundrod 150 Round Up

Dundrod 150 Round Up

The traditional curtain raiser ahead of Ulster GP race day, the annual Dundrod 150 races today showcased in full the talents in particular of next generation road racers, such as Joe Thompson.

Protege of Dundrod legend Ian Lougher, Joe was declared winner of the National race, which was red flagged on lap three, as fellow event newcomers Davey Todd and Jonathan Perry, claimed the remaining spots on the podium.

Photo by Rod Neill

Paul Robinson set a new 125/Moto 3 lap record of 110.311 mph, on his way to securing Ultra Lightweight honours, to the tune of only half a second over Bob Wylie Racing’s Christian Elkin, as rising roads star Adam McLean finalised the rostrum finishers.

Bruce Anstey’s highly touted two stroke Dundrod race debut, did not disappoint with the flying Kiwi dominating the Lightweight race, emerging victorious by almost 39 seconds over nearest challenger Logan Racing’s Neil Kernohan.

Davy Morgan won a four battle for third, edging out leading 400 runner Callum Laidlaw, Paul Owen and Seamus Elliott.

Unfortunately as in the National race, more red flags arose around Dundrod, in the Challenge race, the first been for an incident involving Davey Todd, who was perfectly ok.

Then almost immediately after the race re start, another incident, this time at Lougher’s would ultimately halt proceedings for the remainder of this evening’s race schedule.

Dundrod 150 race results, are as follows:


1 Joe Thompson
2 Davey Todd
3 Jonathan Perry
4 Josh Daley
5 Christian Schmitz
6 Michael Weldon
7 Glenn Walker
8 Kris Duncan
9 David Howard
10 Owen Graves
11 Stefan Schorgendorfer
12 James Field
13 Jonathan Gormley
14 Alan Johnston
15 Daniel Annett
16 Ryan Gibson
17 Rodney Little
18 Mark Purslow
19 Robin Howells
20 Marty Lennon
21 Paul O’Rourke
22 Paul Swords
23 Andy McAllister
24 George Scott
25 Sarah Boyes
26 Andrew McMullan
27 Stephen Wilson
28 Lloyd Collins
29 Thomas McAdoo
30 Sandy Berwick
31 Bryan Harding
32 Mark Shields
33 Brian Appleton
34 Johnny McCay
35 Mathias Winkenjohann
36 Stephen Morrison
37 Scott Seymour
38 John McAllister
39 Stephen Carr
40 Stephen Buckland
41 Dave Walsh
42 Nigel McAuley

Ultra Lightweight

1 Paul Robinson
2 Christian Elkin
3 Adam McLean
4 Sam Wilson
5 Gary Dunlop
6 Derek McGee
7 Lorenzo Tiveron
8 Christopher Eder
9 Nigel Moore
10 Melissa Kennedy
11 Jack Sands
12 Sarah Boyes
13 John Cooke
14 Peter McKillop


1 Bruce Anstey
2 Neil Kernohan
3 Davy Morgan
4 Callum Laidlaw
5 Paul Owen
6 Seamus Elliott
7 David Howard
8 Paul Gartland
9 Andy McAllister
10 Peter Fletcher
11 Stephen Morrison
12 Gareth Keys
13 Bryan Harding
14 Tam Nicholl
15 Lloyd Collins
16 Mark Shields
17 John McAllister
18 Kenny Ruddy
19 Yvonne Montgomery
20 Aaron Boyd
21 Dave Woolams
22 Roy Beattie

Words by Stevie Rial

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