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Cain Road Race: Race Day Analysis – The Results, The Competition, The Super Heroes Feats Chronicled

High profile pure road racing action returned to North America on Sunday, as the Concordia, Sinaloa, Mexico based Cain Road Race took centre stage.

The event organised by the W.A.R.R (World Association Road Races) federation, attracted over 60 entries which included the all time most finishing TT competitor in history, Dave Madsen Mygdal.

As at the TT Races, race results were determined via the time screens, not via racers finishing positions on track. Emerging quickest from last Sunday’s meeting with a time of just over 41 minutes 31 seconds was Colombian competitor Rigo German Salazar Ceron.

Photo courtesy of Paco DE Man

Israel Juarez Gomez, Santiago Paredes respectively placed second and third as Carlos Alfredo Rodriguez Contreras, Miguel Garay and Alejandro Morales Reyes finalised the first six finishers. Overall 47 racers lapped the 74 kilometres long Cain course, at under the one hour mark.

A hugely positive moment for the real roads scene in the Americas, it’s fantastic to see a prominent, well received, popular roads themed event taking place in Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Paco DE Man

All that is left to say is congratulations to the event organisers on running a successful meeting, that hopefully in the foreseeable future will grow and grow in stature.

Words by Stevie Rial