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Armoy Road Races: 53 Different Race Winners Throughout Past 10 Years

Over the past ten years, world class road race action and some has been witnessed by tens of thousands of spectators at the hugely popular Armoy Road Races.

Throughout the current decade we’ve seen a who’s who of modern day roads giants, excel on the fast, flowing, technical Armoy course, including eight times ‘Race of Legends’ victor Michael Dunlop.

The 19 times TT winner Michael Dunlop holds the record for the most victories at Armoy in the 2010’s, recording in total 17 victories, which includes the aforementioned feature race (Race of Legends) triumphs.

Photo by Rod Neill

Overall 24 riders have secured at least two wins or more, whilst in total 53 racers have claimed event victories throughout the past 10 years.

The full list of Armoy Road Race winners from 2010-2019, including first time victors from this year’s meeting, Vinny Brennan, Dominic Herbertson, Tommy Henry and Ryan Fenton, is as follows:

(Number beside racers name, indicates amount of race wins, acquired by the competitor)

1st Michael Dunlop 17
2nd William Dunlop 11
3rd Ryan Farquhar 9
4th Barry Davidson 8
5th Derek McGee 6
T6th Richard Ford 4
Christian Elkin 4
Neil Kernohan 4
T9th Robert McCrum 3
Philip Shaw 3
Guy Martin 3
T12th Dean Harrison 2
Vic Allan 2
Allan Brew 2
Keith Amor 2
Seamus Elliott 2
Sam Wilson 2
Freddie Stewart 2
Michal Dokoupil 2
Ed Manly 2
Joe Loughlin 2
Paul Jordan 2
Andy Farrell 2
Brian Mateer 2
T25th Chris McGahan 1
Billy Lyle 1
Davy Morgan 1
Ciaran Donnelly 1
Keith Costello 1
Jeff Ward 1
Mark Shiels 1
Alan Kenny 1
Bryan Allan 1
Jamie Hamilton 1
Mark Hanna 1
Connor Behan 1
Kevin Strowger 1
Dave Walsh 1
Ian Morrell 1
Sean Connolly 1
Martin Lyons 1
Stephen Davison 1
Adam McLean 1
Kevin Fitzpatrick 1
James Cowton 1
James Chawke 1
Oisin Watson 1
Adam Lyon 1
Stephen McKeown 1
Vinny Brennan 1
Tommy Henry 1
Ryan Fenton 1
Dominic Herbertson 1

Words by Stevie Rial