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Andreas Psychogyios All Set For Manx Grand Prix Return

Andreas Psychogyios is all set to compete for the second time at the Manx Grand Prix.

Andreas made history at the 2014 Manx Grand Prix as he became the first rider from Greece to compete on the mountain course.

Competing on his own teams R6 Yamaha he went onto finish a highly respectable 29th in newcomers A race.


Andreas fastest lap speed during his Manx Grand Prix debut was 104.199 mph as he enjoyed a productive two weeks of pure road racing action.

For this years Manx GP he’s set to compete in junior and senior races as he aims for good results alongside gradually increasing his lap speeds.

It’s great to see riders from all over the world competing at the 2015 Manx Grand Prix, Andreas Psychogyios has every chance of recording standout results in junior and senior races as he embarks on his second time competing around the mountain course.

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