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300 Curves Of Gustav Havel: Grams Reclaims Premier Race Crown

Producing another faultless, top quality performance at the Czech Republic’s most famous roads course, Horice, German roads legend Didier Grams reclaimed in great style the premier 300 Curves of Gustav Havel Superbike race crown.

With pole sitter, early pace setter Marek Cerveny, crashing out of contention on lap two, the challenge to four times IRRC Superbike champion Grams, was lead by 2012 Newcomers A Manx GP winner Kamil Holan.

Second within the prior Supersport race, Holan provided tenacious opposition to G&G Motorsport backed Grams, who’s final race winning margin, stood at 3.21 seconds.

Photo by Robby Respol

Fellow countrymen Ales Nechvatal, Tomas Borovka, battle for the final spot on the rostrum, ultimately was clinched by ex Czech roads Superbike champion Nechvatal, securing third place by just under one second.

More proven Czech pure road racing talent was next up on the results sheet, as seasoned IRRC campaigner Pavel Tomecek finished an excellent fifth.

Concluding the top ten finishers were Andreas Gangl, Dominik Haslinger, Jiri Petrla, Patrik Vostarek and MHB Racing’s Hanno Brandenburger.

Horice returnee Performance Racing Achterhoek’s Virgil Amber Bloemhard placed 11th, whilst others outside the first ten finishers to enjoy productive stints aboard 1000cc machinery included Marek Stibor 12th, Robert Heitzinger 14th, and former TT Races competitor Dirk Kaletsch,

300 Curves of Gustav Havel: Superbike race results are as follows:

1 Didier Grams
2 Kamil Holan
3 Ales Nechvatal
4 Tomas Borovka
5 Pavel Tomecek
6 Andreas Gangl
7 Dominik Haslinger
8 Jiri Petrla
9 Patrik Vostarek
10 Hanno Brandenburger
11 Virgil Amber Bloemhard
12 Marek Stibor
13 Martin Suchacek
14 Robert Heitzinger
15 Dan Vyslouzil
16 Bohdan Schaal
17 Thomas Mitgutsch
18 Jan Myslivecek
19 Dirk Kaletsch
20 Milos Jonak
21 Emil Krchnavy
22 Petr Vajner
23 Jurgen Plattner
24 Lubos Jelinek
25 Bohumil Saroch
26 Vladislav Nezdara
27 Radovan Stipanek

Words by Stevie Rial