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2017 Manx Grand Prix: Newcomers Race Reduced To Three Laps

Rescheduled for tomorrow evening, the 2017 Newcomers Manx Grand Prix is confirmed to take place over a reduced distance of three laps.

Originally down to run over four laps, the decision to reduce the distance of the race, has drawn a mixed reaction from competitors, teams, fans and marshals.

An additional major change for the riders taking part in their first race on the Mountain Course, will be having to make a compulsory pit stop at the completion of lap 2.

With this in mind, the scheduled pit stops will prove in my opinion absolutely pivotal in the outcome of both the A and B races, with close fought competition anticipated.

Photo by Mark Corlett

Favourites for podium finishes tomorrow include Ballymoney’s Darryl Tweed, Brad Vicars, Italy’s Nicolo Capelli and Matteo Bardelli, plus Martin Bullock Manxsport’s Dave Quine, New Zealand’s Ben Rosendaal, Derek Wilson and Lee Bass.

Words by Stevie Rial