Tourist Trophy Film Review

Tourist Trophy Film Review

The latest moving picture about the TT Races, Tourist Trophy, officially became available to watch this evening on TT +, airing from 7:30 PM.

Like I’m sure thousands of TT aficionados, fans I was eagerly awaiting the documentary directed, edited by Adam Kaleta.

Just over one hour and thirty minutes long, it documents the challenges, what it takes to achieve tumultuous feats at this year’s TT.

I think one of the best quotes from the film, was made by outright TT lap record holder, four times race winner at TT 2022, Peter Hickman who stated “Life’s too short to not live.”

Those who race the TT know the risks, they understand it’s about facing down danger, overcoming it, taking calculated risks but also gaining an other-worldly sense of excitement, enjoyment, fulfilment, accomplishment.

I was delighted to see decent focus on Michael Russell’s unique feat of starting all solo, Sidecar races.

One can’t underestimate the gravity of this achievement, switching from Superbike to Sidecar to Supersport to Superstock to Lightweight back to the Sidecar then back to the big bike.

You could tell how much it took out of ‘Jack’, the physical strain, mental strain, giving it everything in pursuit of a dream.

Large sections of the film are Honda dominated to say the least, as John McGuinness MBE and Glenn Irwin showcase differing perspectives on Mountain Course action.

For McGuinness MBE, starting his 100th TT, you could tell that the love affair with the Manx roads remains firm.

You could also tell though that it’s not getting any easier for the Morecambe hero, now 50 years young, to still be competitive against hungry, ambitious opposition.

Honda Racing team-mate Irwin, gave candid insights into his TT newcomer preparation, inner thoughts on racing what has been described as the ‘Power and The Glory’.

Sidecar heroes Ben Birchall/Tom Birchall, Conor Cummins, DJ superstar, brilliant all round racing sponsor Carl Cox, Steve Plater, David Johnson additionally feature across the film’s duration.

Now onto some critique, first-off the Lightweight, second Supersport, Superstock races are not given adequate coverage.

The background music at times, doesn’t fit the TT theme, that said the film ending music is spot on.

There’s product promotion plugs from racers, can’t blame them promoting their products but in my opinion, it did not need to be included in.

If you’re a casual racing fan, general motorsport fan, all round petrolhead you will love Tourist Trophy.

It gives you a visceral taster of what the TT Races is about, it’s lure, its’ uniqueness, why racers want to compete on Manx shores.

If you are a pure road racing aficionado, you will still enjoy viewing the documentary but you might be left with a sense of wanting more, this specific topic could have been covered stronger.

Summing up Tourist Trophy, it’s another positive promotion product for the TT.

Whilst in my opinion not as gripping as the likes of Closer to The Edge, TT A Film Documentary, it’s still an enjoyable watch, after all anything revolving around the TT, can’t help but excite, thrill, pulsate.

Photo credit: Mark Corlett

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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