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Fabled UK/Irish/Manx Horice Speedsters

Special thanks to Czech Road Racing statistician Jan Vavra, who has put together this fascinating article, which covers 20th, 21st Century UK, Irish, Manx racers at Horice, Czech Republic based…

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On This Day In History: 21st April

Today’s on this day in history re-caps the 2013 Spring Cup meeting at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough. The one day event which kicked off the 2013 UK roads season, saw existing…

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Road Racing’s Great Races – 2009 Cock O’The North, Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough

The 2009 Cock O’The North Road Races at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough was yet another event which showcased in full the uniqueness, iconic nature of England’s only closed roads course. Back…

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