Stats: Sub 1 Minute 40 Second Frohburger Dreieck Exponents

Stats: Sub 1 Minute 40 Second Frohburger Dreieck Exponents

Some real road racing themed stats you state seem hardly believable, here’s another, 76 racers have lapped under the 1 minute 40 seconds mark over the past ten years at Germany’s most acclaimed closed roads course, Frohburger Dreieck.

Holding the honour for being the fastest racer in history at Frohburg is 2016 IRRC Superbike Champion Vincent Lonbois.

Belgian roads great Lonbois set in 2016 during the second IRRC Superbike encounter at Frohburg, an incredible new lap record of 1 minute 33.369 seconds.

Photo by Robby Repsol

Alongside Lonbois, a further five racers have accomplished the sub 1 minute 34 second feat, they are:

14 times North West 200 winner Michael Rutter (1.33.412), twice IRRC Superbike Champion Sebastien Le Grelle (1.33.679), back to back British IRRC series victors Danny Webb (1.33.838) & Davey Todd (1.33.917) plus the widely revered Didier Grams (1.33.927).

Rounding out the ten quickest Frohburger Dreieck exponents within the 10’s are triple Irish Road Race Superbike Champion Derek Sheils (1.34.112), Czech star Marek Cerveny (1.34.127), 19 times TT winner Michael Dunlop (1.34.335) and nine times International Road Race winner Lee Johnston (1.34.397).

The overall list in descending order of those to lap sub 1 minute 40 seconds at Frohburg, is as follows:

Vincent Lonbois 1.33.369
Michael Rutter 1.33.412
Sebastien Le Grelle 1.33.679
Danny Webb 1.33.838
Davey Todd 1.33.917
Didier Grams 1.33.927
Derek Sheils 1.34.112
Marek Cerveny 1.34.127
Michael Dunlop 1.34.335
Lee Johnston 1.34.397
Johan Fredriks 1.34.491
Lukas Maurer 1.34.755
Erno Kostamo 1.35.263
Gary Johnson 1.35.316
Jochem Van Den Hoek 1.35.524
David Datzer 1.35.580
Rico Lowe 1.35.717
Thomas Wendel 1.35.830
Petr Biciste 1.35.986
Matti Seidel 1.36.021
William Dunlop 1.36.365
David Drieghe 1.36.366
Kamil Holan 1.36.511
Juha Kallio 1.36.729
Marc Fissette 1.36.734
Branko Srdanov 1.36.743
Simon Andrews 1.36.822
Frank Bakker 1.36.938
Marko Ratto 1.36.953
Nicky De Wit 1.37.264
Laurent Hoffmann 1.37.390
Nico Muller 1.37.414
Thomas Kreutz 1.37.433
Virgill Amber Bloemhard 1.37.450
Udo Reichmann 1.37.485
Shaun Anderson 1.37.509
Ales Nechvatal 1.37.615
Sheridan Morais 1.37.623
Rico Penzkofer 1.37.672
Matthieu Lagrive 1.37.713
Pavel Tomecek 1.37.814
Tom Van Looy 1.37.832
Tomas Borovka 1.37.915
Markus Karlsson 1.37.970
Marcel Elsner 1.38.096
Franck Petricola 1.38.129
Vick De Cooremeter 1.38.150
Stefan Holz 1.38.165
Nadieh Schoots 1.38.236
Dominik Haslinger 1.38.432
Daley Mathison 1.38.620
Paul Shoesmith 1.38.730
Daniel Bergau 1.38.780
Manou Antweiler 1.38.873
Aki Valkila 1.38.932
Marnix D’Hondt 1.39.009
John Walsh 1.39.166
Thomas Gottschalk 1.39.184
Thilo Hafele 1.39.192
Thomas Walther 1.39.297
Erik Plucker 1.39.322
Steve Mizera 1.39.370
John Pilloud 1.39.432
Markus Mittersbauer 1.39.445
Joey Den Besten 1.39.454
Marcel Zuurbier 1.39.500
Moritz Gunther 1.39.505
Barrie Bote 1.39.560
Christian Schmitz 1.39.588
Hanno Brandenburger 1.39.607
Georg Frohlich 1.39.662
Josef Luksik 1.39.670
Thilo Gunther 1.39.696
Jorn Hamberg 1.39.909
Timo Schonhals 1.39.918
Dan Kruger 1.39.978

Words by Stevie Rial

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