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Stats: Fastest Fischereihafen Rennen Racers Per Nation

Next event, roads course to feature in Road Racing News, fastest racers per nation series is the Bremerhaven based ‘Fishing Port Race’ Fischereihafen Rennen, which first took place in 1952.

During recent days I’ve compiled a list of the fastest Fischereihafen Rennen ranging from the Netherlands to Sweden to Finland to Greece to the USA to Australia.

Photo by Nick Wheeler

The list comprising of 11 nations top speedsters around the unique German road race venue, that is similar in essence to the Oostende circuit in Belgium, reads as follows:

(Personal best lap time located near racers name)

Germany: Thomas Kreutz 1.29.362 (Outright lap record holder)
Liechtenstein: Adi Wohlwend 1.33.358
Greece: Vassilios Takos 1.33.757
Finland: Tuukka Korhonen 1.41.472
Netherlands: Olaf Romijn 1.32.921
Sweden: Patrick Andersson 1.34.981

USA: Rich Derousse 1.44.931
England: Martin Harrison 1.43.632
Australia: Eric Lenser 1.41.251
Czech Republic: Pavel Tomecek 1.31.272
Belgium: Jean Pierre Polet 1.35.259

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou