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Sarah’s Cottage Back New Zealand’s Newest Mountain Course Exponent, Ben Rosendaal

One of the TT courses most famous vantage points, Sarah’s Cottage are backing New Zealand’s newest prospective Mountain Course exponent, Ben Rosendaal, at the 2017 Manx Grand Prix.

A podium finisher earlier this year, at the famous Paeroa roads circuit, Ben’s maiden quest on the most famous road racing circuit in the world, sees him entered in the Newcomers B and Lightweight races, on his own teams SV650 Suzuki.

Photo by Doug Cornes Photography

Via their Facebook page, Sarah’s Cottage Isle of Man, announced their involvement in Ben’s first foray into Mountain Course competition:

They stated:

“Pleased to announce that ‘Sarah’s Cottage IOM’ has sponsored Ben Rosendaal for the 2017 Manx Grand Prix.

Ben’s literally travelling from the other side of the world from Whangamata, New Zealand. Ben says that the Isle of Man is the ultimate test for man and machine and he wants to test test himself whilst also making his dream a reality.”

Words by Stevie Rial