San Pedro Martir Hill Climb/Baja International Tourist Cup Results

San Pedro Martir Hill Climb/Baja International Tourist Cup Results

Full wrap up of the overall finishing order from last weekend’s San Pedro Martir Hill Climb, inaugural Baja International Tourist Cup.

Results per event read as follows:

San Pedro Martir Hill Climb:

(Personal best lap time located near racers name)

1st Mark Miller – 14m30 seconds
2nd Eric Wilson – 15m11 seconds
3rd Spencer Steele – 15m21 seconds
4th Dave Thomas – 15m28 seconds
5th Tyler Portillo – 16m01 seconds
6th Samuel Gluss – 16m04 seconds
7th Marcus Neff – 16m42 seconds
8th John Magnuson – 16m48 seconds
9th Paul Vitale – 17m08 seconds
10th Wade Boyd – 17m14 seconds
11th Andrew Gawer – 17m18 seconds
12th Kent Kroeker – 17m41 seconds
13th Eric Lindauer – 17m54 seconds
14th Stuart Clotworthy – 18m11 seconds
15th Scott Butler – 18m45 seconds
16th Matt Young – 19m16 seconds
17th Josh Nelson – 19m28 seconds
18th Reggie Marinas – 19m34 seconds
19th Rudy Iribe – 19m52 seconds
20th Doug Miller – 19m52 seconds
21st Jimi Heyder – 19m56 seconds
22nd Bridgette Le Ver – 20m12 seconds
23rd Chris Eberz – 20m13 seconds
24th Randy Farmer – 22m24 seconds
25th Cindy Nelson – 27m06 seconds

Baja International Tourist Cup:

(Overall race finishing time located near racers name)

1st Eric Wilson – 20m20 seconds
2nd Dave Thomas – 20m47 seconds
3rd Samuel Gluss – 21m54 seconds
4th Wade Boyd – 22 minutes
5th Eric Lindauer – 22m29 seconds
6th Andrew Gawer – 24m19 seconds
7th James Barker – 24m38 seconds
8th Crispin Barker – 24m56 seconds
9th Matt Young – 29m02 seconds
10th Chris Eberz – 29m09 seconds
11th Stuart Clotworthy – 29m10 seconds
12th Jimi Heyder – 29m47 seconds

Photo credit: Floyd Hawkins

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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