Pure Road Racing’s Future – What’s Needed, What’s Needed To Change Part 3

Pure Road Racing’s Future – What’s Needed, What’s Needed To Change Part 3

Part three of Road Racing News, Pure Road Racing’s Future – What’s Needed, What’s Needed to Change series focuses on a range of opinions from as Liam Beckett has stated before ‘Hardy Breed’ roads fans and photographers, reporters covering the unparalleled form of motor racing.

As with previous articles, the opinions, ideas raised are diverse, candid, brutally honest, truthful and most of all real, it’s what the road racing public, fraternity thinks.

First up is this anonymous fan’s forthright perspective:

“What road racing needs is more money, money we all know comes from sponsorship and advertising, with our government and tv channels seemingly hating motorsport, Eurosport and the odd hour on ITV4 excluded I see this as very difficult. It would be extremely hard to get Cookstown to look like Monaco.

Also the problem with bigger advertising obviously leading to bigger crowds and from a purely selfish perspective it could also lead to the paddock being shut off, I for one really enjoy wandering round speaking to the riders something you find hard at BSB etc.”

Photo by Rod Neill

Gary Howlett, GTHpicsnaps, stated:

“1000cc bikes back at the mount, keep ticket prices low, get rid of covid!”

Another renowned photographer Jimmy Graham, stated:

“Would be nice to run a event the way Cookstown did last year, with everyone paying to watch and getting the entry fee down for everyone racing, which would help with there costs over the season.”

Jeffrey Boer added:

“Give the riders more time for practice, lower the entry fee and practice/race on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough, International road racing aficionado Chris Machin added about an improvement in prize money for competitors whilst Ian Davies issued his support for the Sidecars.

“Most promoters do not realise, the public love Sidecars. I know some solos disagree but they have upped their game and they create a different excitement to watch.”

Photographer, journalist, ex racer Baylon McCaughey additionally commented:

“As for better roads, easier said than done, after all, throttle works both ways, new ideas always welcome at club meetings!

I’d love to hear new ideas, sadly, talks cheap, action speaks louder than words; so when more riders get actively involved in their local clubs, I think this would be the first positive step forward in getting a more positive future for our road races.”

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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