NW200: Seven Successive SBK Wins For Irwin

NW200: Seven Successive SBK Wins For Irwin

Super Twins, Supersport, now time for the pulsating, ultra powerful Superbikes!

The six-lap Anchor Bar Superbike race commenced in all action style, with no quarter asked, no quarter given competition into York Corner.

Rapidest off the start-line was DAO Racing’s Dean Harrison followed by Supersport class conqueror Davey Todd.

Todd part of an already five-way rider breakaway group, held P1 as the Mill Road Roundabout beckoned.

Padgetts Todd held firm out front, to remain first as lap one ended.

Milwaukee BMW’s Alastair Seeley was third with Glenn Irwin up to third ahead of early race leader Harrison.

Under one second covered the top five, Supersport like Superbike racing in prospect?

Six times successive SBK winner Irwin took the initiative at the ‘Magic Roundabout’ on lap two, only for fellow countryman Seeley to re-take the lead, then it was Irwin back in first.

Then Michael Dunlop grabbed the lead, what would happen next!

Onto lap three and the leading pack was down to four riders, with Seeley pulling into the pits at lap two’s end.

Prior race leader Dunlop had dropped to fourth on lap three with Irwin re-taking the leader reigns.

Soon it was announced that Dunlop had joined Seeley on the retirement side-lines.

As we hit mid-race distance, Irwin had pulled 0.634 ahead of Todd with Harrison keeping close proximity.

Red-flags then unfortunately popped up around the Triangle.

The race was then officially called meaning seven successive Superbike wins for Glenn Irwin and his fourth aboard Ducati machinery.

Todd, Harrison join Irwin in accumulating podium finishes whilst positions third to eighth went to Michael Rutter, John McGuinness MBE, James Hillier, top newcomers David Datzer and Michael Browne.

Anchor Bar Superbike Race Result:

1st – Glenn Irwin
2nd – Davey Todd
3rd – Dean Harrison
4th – Michael Rutter
5th – John McGuinness MBE
6th – James Hillier
7th – David Datzer
8th – Michael Browne
9th – Erno Kostamo
10th – Michael Evans

11th – Craig Neve
12th – Leon Jeacock
13th – Eddy Ferre
14th – Gary McCoy
15th – James Chawke
16th – Matthieu Lagrive
17th – Ryan Gibson
18th – Lukas Maurer
19th – Kamil Holan
20th – Amalric Blanc

21st – Anthony Redmond
22nd – Don Gilbert
23rd – Kris Duncan
24th – Chris Sarbora
25th – Dave Hewson
26th – Donald MacFadyen
27th – Phil Stewart
28th – Nadieh Schoots
29th – Martin Morris
30th – Jean Pierre Polet

31st – Paul Cranston
32nd – Olivier Lupberger
33rd – Andy McAllister
34th – Stephen Degnan
35th – Patricia Fernandez West

Photo credit: Tommy Vennard

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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