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Manx Grand Prix 2013 – Wednesday Practice Round Up

Callum Collister lead the way in the newcomers B practice session. Callum competing on the Martin Bullock Manxsport ER6 Kawasaki lapped at 104.367 mph. Second quickest was James Neesom, James competing on a ER6 Kawasaki backed by Centurion windows produced an impressive lap speed of 103.837 mph. Joe Faragher, Stephen Ault, Jason Markham, Peter Minns, Chris Mitchell, James Ford, Dominic Herbertson and Martin Harrison finalised the top 10.

Ben Rea lapped at 100.465 mph to go fastest in the newcomers C practice session. Second in practice was David Howard, David lapped at 100.335 mph. Richard Wilson, Lee Hembury and Derek Wilson rounded out the top 5. Bob Farrington topped the time sheets for the lightweight class. Bob lapped at 102.126 to finish faster than second quickest in the practice session Colin Martin who lapped at 101.697 mph. Marek Wieckowski, Rikki Mcgovern, Henry Bell, Mick Hampson, John Turner, Stephen Carr, Shelley Pike and Wade Boyd completed the top 10.


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