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Manx Grand Prix 2013 – Thursday Practice Round Up

Andy Farrell lead the way in the senior practice session with a lap speed of 114.360 mph on the Martin Bullock Manxsport GSX-R 750 Suzuki. Dennis Booth went second quickest in front of Peter Symes, Thomas Gottschalk, Rob-Mitchel-Hill, Paul Nolan, Kenny Hinck, Andy Fenton and James Neesom who completed the top 9.

Michael Sweeney produced a lap speed of 116.960 mph to continue to lead the junior class during the practice sessions at this years Manx grand prix. Second fastest was Andy Lawson who lapped at 115.053 mph whilst Stephen Mcknight produced a consistent lap speed of 115.005 mph to finish third quickest in practice. Steven Harper, Tim Poole, Michael Russell, Colin Stephenson, James Shipley, Michael Moulai and James Cowton rounded out the top 10.

Alex Pickett competing on a Ducati produced a excellent lap speed of 114.810 mph to finish fastest in the newcomers A practice session. Anthony Cooper, Marc Livesey, Christopher Dixon and Neil Lyons all lapped at over 109 mph. Neil Gregory showed good form in going sixth quickest with a lap speed of over 108 mph on the Trickbits FBM performance 675 Daytona Triumph. John Craine, Warren Verwey, Connor Behan and Daley Mathison all secured a place in the top 10 during practice.

Callum Collister lapped at 107.743 mph to top the time sheets during the newcomers B practice session. James Neesom competing on the Centurion windows backed ER6 Kawasaki lapped at 103.682 mph to finish second overall in practice in front of Joe Faragher and Jason Markham who both lapped at over 102 mph. Peter Minns, Dominic Herbertson, James Ford, Stephen Ault, Chris Mitchell and Martin Harrison concluded the top 10 during practice.

Philip Mcgurk lead the way in the super twins practice session. Philip competing on a Springcourt motorcycles backed ER6 Kawasaki lapped at 109.455 mph to finish quicker than second fastest Gary Gittins who lapped at a good 108.112 mph. Nick Jefferies showed good form lapping at 107.619 mph on the Ken Irwin motorcycles ER6 Kawasaki whilst Joe Phillips, Alan Jackson and Carl Roberts finalised the top 6 in practice.

Alistair Haworth produced an impressive lap speed of 106.009 mph to finish comfortably quickest in practice for the lightweight class. Colin Martin was second fastest lapping at 104.336 mph whilst Dave Corlett, Adam Jones, Bob Farrington, Alex Sinclair, Dave Taylor, Mick Hampson, Rikki Mcgovern and Kevin Murphy all accomplished a place in the top during a competitive practice session.


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