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Manx GP Top 6: Leon Murphy

Consistently in contention for strong results, Fife based Leon Murphy is the latest racer to take part in Road Racing News brand new for 2020, Manx GP Top 6 series.

A top five finisher in the Newcomers C race of 2014, his answers to the Mountain Course themed set of questions are as follows:

Q1: When you first competed at the Manx, what was your first initial thought of the Mountain Course?

“The first time I set off, I didn’t get my newcomers lap till the Tuesday as the bike kept breaking down I came in and they sent me straight back out. I thought it was so surreal.”

Q2: Most memorable Manx GP bike?

“Most memorable bike has to be Dave Clarke’s ZXR 400 (Kawasaki), it was his 400 I completed my newcomers lap on and went on to race that year and the following.”

Q3: Most treasured memory from the Manx?

“Most treasured memory is hard they are all great, qualifying 3rd for last year’s Ultra Lightweight races with a standing start lap was the most recent. The bike broke down the next lap and in both races, we will return stronger.”

Q4: Is there one specific Manx GP competitor that you look up to?

“Not really, we are all achieving our goals so it’s a big grid to choose from.”

Q5: Describe the Manx GP in one word?


Q6: Finally, if you could race one machine from any series, championship around the Mountain Course, what would it be?

“I’d like a shot on a Superbike just to see how the top boys do it but I’d probably fill ma breeks so I’ll say my dream bike is a Manx Norton.”

Words by Stevie Rial