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Manx GP Live Streaming Site Breaks Cover

Launched alongside the new official event site, there’s a new home for live event coverage of the Manx Grand Prix,

Alongside the live coverage of this August’s race action, the Manx GP TV site will also have interviews a plenty with many of the leading event contenders, on-board laps, highlights programs and B-roll footage.

Now available for fans worldwide to watch under one media platform, the newly established live coverage site is certain to attract a strong amount of views, and attract a truly worldwide following from all corners of the globe.

The live Manx GP coverage in recent times, has no doubt helped increase the publicity, popularity and prominence of a meeting, which year in year out produces new Mountain Course heroes, such as last years respective Junior, Super Twins, Senior, Newcomers A & B winners, James Chawke, Andy Farrell, Matt Stevenson, Thomas Maxwell and Michael Rees.

Photo by Nick Wheeler

Reminder the 2019 Manx Grand Prix, which carries a five race schedule, runs from the 17th through to the 26th of August.

Words by Stevie Rial