IRRC Terlicko: Lagrive, Goetschy Share Supersport Spoils

IRRC Terlicko: Lagrive, Goetschy Share Supersport Spoils

IRRC Supersport Race 1:

Looking at one with the Wepol Racing Yamaha, Matthieu Lagrive made it three wins from three starts this season in the opening IRRC Supersport encounter at Terlicko.

Almost three seconds clear out front after nine scintillating laps of competition, the Frenchman proved again why he is now considered by many a strong favourite for 2018 IRRC Supersport series honours.

Photo by Robby Repsol

Nearest pursuer to Wepol Racing’s Lagrive was Delaur Road Racing Belgium’s Laurent Hoffmann, who finished under one tenth of a second ahead of new Performance Racing Achterhoek employee Pierre Yves Bian.

Jonathan Goetschy finished fourth, Lukas Maurer was fifth, Jochen Rotter banked sixth whilst Christian Schmitz got the better of Richard Sedlak in the battle for seventh.

Finalising the first ten finishers were Markka Racing’s Juha Kallio and Team Schleizer Dreieck’s Thomas Walther.

IRRC Supersport Race 1 results:

1 Matthieu Lagrive
2 Laurent Hoffmann
3 Pierre Yves Bian
4 Jonathan Goetschy
5 Lukas Maurer
6 Jochen Rotter
7 Christian Schmitz
8 Richard Sedlak
9 Juha Kallio
10 Thomas Walther
11 Miroslav Sloboda
12 Jozef Jezovica
13 David Hanzalik
14 Ilja Caljouw
15 Luca Gottardi
16 Sebastian Frotscher
17 Kai Zentner
18 Benjamin Beume
19 Karel Brandtner
20 Alexandre Bigota
21 Krystian Paluch
22 John Ross Billega
23 Quentin Limousin
24 Stefan Wauter
25 Martin Sedlak

IRRC Supersport Race 2:

Without question today’s second IRRC Supersport encounter at Terlicko, proved in my opinion one of the all time great IRRC races.

There was nothing in it throughout between the French trio of Pierre Yves Bian, Jonathan Goetschy and Matthieu Lagrive, going into the ninth and final lap under 0.7 of a second covered the top three.

The ninth and final lap would see the gripping battle royal between them continue, the question was who would make that decisive manoeuvre needed to secure victory in a race of this ilk.

Perhaps surprising some it was Jonathan Goetschy who by under 0.06 of a second sealed race honours, edging out long term race leader Yves Bian, as championship leader Lagrive finished third on the final lap setting a new quickest lap of the race, lapping at 2 minutes 19.737 seconds.

Photo courtesy of Robby Repsol

Behind the on top form leading group, Lukas Maurer secured another notable result finishing a great fourth, as Jochen Rotter and Thomas Walther completed the top six.

Placing’s 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th in a quite thrilling Supersport race were clinched respectively by Christian Schmitz, Ilja Caljouw, Miroslav Sloboda and Richard Sedlak.

IRRC Supersport Race 2 results:

1 Jonathan Goetschy
2 Pierre Yves Bian
3 Matthieu Lagrive
4 Lukas Maurer
5 Jochen Rotter
6 Thomas Walther
7 Christian Schmitz
8 Ilja Caljouw
9 Miroslav Sloboda
10 Richard Sedlak
11 Luca Gottardi
12 Jozef Jezovica
13 Sebastian Frotscher
14 Karel Brandtner
15 Kai Zentner
16 Benjamin Beume
17 Alexandre Bigota
18 Quentin Limousin
19 John Ross Billega
20 Martin Sedlak

Words by Stevie Rial

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