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IRRC Frohburg: Lagrive Retains Supersport Championship, Ups 2019 Wins Tally To Nine

Close to securing the series title at Horice, Wepol Road Racing’s Matthieu Lagrive dotted all the I’s and T’s this morning at Frohburg, to officially become the 2019 IRRC Supersport Champion.

Victorious in a gripping opening ten lap middleweight class encounter, which saw him edge out roads newcomer, Wepol Road Racing team mate Sheridan Morais by just over 0.2 of a second, Lagrive took his IRRC race wins tally for 2019 to nine.

Photo by Miloslav Knap

Lead title challenger Laurent Hoffmann secured the final place on the podium, following another accomplished, high calibre display from the hugely respected Belgian racer.

Jorn Hamberg placed fourth in front of fellow countryman Ilja Caljouw as David Datzer led the local challenge in concluding the first six finishers.

Positions 7th-10th were acquired respectively by Rico Vetter, Optimark Road Racing’s Xavier Denis, Team Schleizer Dreieck’s Max Gaube and Triumph mounted Anssi Koski.

All competitors excluding LSE Racing’s Christian Schmitz completed the ten lap race, which saw Matthieu Lagrive become just the fifth rider to go into double figures in terms of IRRC Championship victories.

IRRC Frohburg – Supersport Race 1 result is as follows:

1 Matthieu Lagrive
2 Sheridan Morais
3 Laurent Hoffmann
4 Jorn Hamberg
5 Ilja Caljouw
6 David Datzer
7 Rico Vetter
8 Xavier Denis
9 Max Gaube
10 Anssi Koski
11 Sebastian Frotscher
12 Tomas Toth
13 Julian Trummer
14 Francesco Curinga
15 Kamil Holan
16 Kai Zentner
17 Martin Riedl
18 Petr Wiesenberg
19 Henrik Voit
20 Christian Steinhauser
21 Mauro Poncini
22 Thomas Jennings
23 Robert Rohde
24 Luca Zanutto
25 Sascha Prahl
26 Yann Galli
27 Maxime Gresoviac
28 Stefan Wauter
29 Leonard Mesojedec
30 Daniel Wiesinger

Words by Stevie Rial