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Ian Lougher announces retirement from competing at the Isle of Man TT


Ian Lougher has announced his retirement from competing at the Isle of Man TT. Ian who has won 10 TT races has competed at the Isle of Man TT for over 25 years. Along the way Ian has competed for many top teams at the TT including Honda UK, Stobart Honda, AIM Yamaha, DMRR Honda, TAS Suzuki and most recently for the WA Corless joinery/Jackson racing team.

It was in 2005 when Ian won his last TT race in the second supersport TT race, in 2006 Ian finished in second place in the superbike TT race for the Stobart Honda team.

The fastest lap speed that Ian achieved at the TT during his career was a lap speed of over 128.2 mph. This makes Ian one of the 20 quickest ever riders at the Isle of Man TT.

Alongside Ian’s top results at the TT Ian has achieved multiple race victories at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough, Southern 100, Ulster grand prix, North West 200 and at the Abedare park road races.

At this years TT Ian finished in 13th place in the superstock TT race alongside achieving top 20 finishes in the superbike and senior TT races. Ian Lougher has been one of the best riders to compete at the Isle of Man TT during the last 15 years and has along the way produced many a magic moment.


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