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Historic Roads Circuits: Temple 100, Northern Ireland

First held in 1921, the Temple 100 holds a prominent place in Irish road racing history, as it was the first ever pure road race situated in Northern Ireland.

Located between Saintfield, Temple Crossroads, plus the Belfast to Ballynahinch Road, the event provided competitors with a roads circuit, that had a mix of everything.

This included bumpy roads, jumps, fast straights, late braking into corners and requiring a smooth riding style coupled with the obvious determination needed to seal race wins.

In the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s, a who’s who of Irish road racing, competed at the Temple 100.

Amongst the legendary names to have been victorious at the prestigious meeting include, 26 times TT winner Joey Dunlop, 11 times TT winner Phillip McCallen, Ray McCullough, whilst the event also marked in 1979 the roads debut, for another great of the sport, Robert Dunlop.

Added roads legends to have been successful included Owen McNally, Ryan Farquhar, Adrian Archibald, Steve Cull, James Courtney, Derek Young, Bob Jackson, Alan Irwin, Gary Dynes, Richard Britton and Dennis McCullough.


Photo by Trevor Mills

Road racing action at the Temple 100, continued until 1999.

18 years since, it’s huge legacy, fan base and it’s prestige within pure road racing, is still extremely strong, largely helped by the Temple Motorcycle and Athletic Club Ltd.

Words by Stevie Rial

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