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Classic TT/Manx Grand Prix: Sunday Afternoon Practice Session Abandoned Due To Low Marshal Numbers

Low marshal numbers have put pay to timed Classic TT, Manx GP practice session taking place this afternoon on the fabled, mythical Mountain Course.

Speaking via Twitter Clerk of The Course Gary Thompson stated in short but candid detail, as to why there will be no timed practice:

“Today (Sunday’s) practice/qualifying session has had to be cancelled. We are 80+ Marshals short around the TT Course so we have decided to cancel today and concentrate on getting Marshal levels in place ready for Monday evening. Sorry everyone, enjoy your day.”

As showcased this morning on social media, there’s a big push on to attract higher marshal numbers for Monday evening’s practice session, which is hoped to get underway from 6:20 PM.

Photo by Mark Corlett

For those wishing to marshal tomorrow evening, the main people to get in touch with are the ever hard working Isle of Man TT Marshals Association, who are located in the TT paddock just outside the world famous grandstand.

Words by Stevie Rial