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Christian Slater Hugely Looking Forward To 2015 Manx Grand Prix

Christian Slater is hugely looking forward to the 2015 Manx Grand Prix.

Christian made his Manx GP debut in 2014 and went onto record highly respectable result in newcomers A race.

35th place finish was sealed by the ZX6R Kawasaki mounted rider.


For this year’s Manx Grand Prix he is all set to compete on CS Racing ZX6R Kawasaki in junior and senior races.

The 13th place finisher in 2013 Steve Henshaw international gold cup is excited about his second year of competition on the mountain course.

Having showed solid and consistent pace at season opening Spring Cup National Road Races Christian is confident in the potential of his teams Kawasaki at the Manx Grand Prix.


Photo courtesy of Christian Slater

Next road race meeting coming up for him is the Cock Of The North Road Races which is set to see the ambitious rider compete in superbike and supersport races.

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