Around A Pound Tandragee 100: Race Day Wrap Up

Around A Pound Tandragee 100: Race Day Wrap Up

Alongside the top draw Open, Supersport and Senior Open action, race day at the 58th Tandragee 100, additionally provided a scintillating battle for Super Twin honours, an intriguing 125/Moto 3 race, various next gen support class stars excelling, plus also a stray dog!

It was ‘Man of the Meeting’ Derek McGee, who held off a tenacious challenge from Adam McLean, to secure Super Twins race victory, following a race long duel, between two of pure road racing’s most naturally talented, and improved competitors.

Photo by Rod Neill

Outside of the Super Twins battle between the KMR Kawasaki and Roy Hanna Motors sponsored racers, an attritional 125/Moto 3 race, saw both McGee and McLean non finishers, as two stroke stalwart Paul Robinson claimed a popular win, in front of Castleblayney’s Joe Loughlin.

Photo by Tommy Vennard

Concurrently ran in the same race, the Lightweight 400 class, was topped by M&D Racing’s Darryl Tweed, whilst Forgotten Era honours went the way of Gareth Keys, who along the way set a new class lap record, on his great sounding Yamaha.

Event newcomer Chris Meyer headed the small 250 field, whilst the Junior Support/Senior Support honours, respectively went the way of Wayne Sheehan and the improving Michael Browne.

Remaining riders to seal class wins, were within the popular yesteryear machinery classes, Dean Stimpson (Classic 500), Barry Davidson (Classic 350), Brian Mateer (Classic 250) and Trevor Stewart (Classic 1000).

Overall excluding the four rider incident in the second start of the Junior Support race, of which Road Racing News wishes all riders involved, a very speedy recovery. Plus a stray dog, and a car venturing onto the race course, this years Around A Pound Tandragee 100, was at least in terms of the competition/racing, plus weather wise, the best for many years.

Results per class, from the 58th Tandragee 100, are as follows:

125/Moto 3:

1 Paul Robinson
2 Joe Loughlin
3 Nigel Moore
4 Melissa Kennedy
5 Jamie O’Brien
6 Sarah Boyes
7 Jack Sands
8 Ronnie Scott
9 Chris Meyer

Forgotten Era:

1 Gareth Keys
2 Richard Ford
3 Des Butler
4 Ian Thompson

Lightweight 400:

1 Darryl Tweed
2 Stephen Morrison
3 Vic Allan
4 Rad Hughes
5 Lloyd Collins
6 Brian Loughlin
7 Dave Walsh
8 Robert Cairns
9 Gordon Clark
10 RJ Woolsey
11 Aaron Boyd
12 Yvonne Montgomery
13 Roy Beattie

Super Twins:

1 Derek McGee
2 Adam McLean
3 Darren Cooper
4 James Chawke
5 Neil Kernohan
6 Seamus Elliott
7 Michael Browne
8 William Hara
9 Robert Cairns
10 Thomas Molloy
11 Thomas Whitmore
12 Paul O’Rourke
13 Des Butler
14 Tim Stephenson

Super Mono:

1 Shaun Anderson
2 RJ Woolsey


1 Chris Meyer
2 John McAllister

Classic 500:

1 Dean Stimpson
2 Mark Parrett
3 John Leigh Pemberton
4 Keith Clarke
5 Gary Jamison
6 Billy Lyle
7 Andy Kildea
8 David Carleton
9 Roger Chen

Classic 350:

1 Barry Davidson
2 George Stinson
3 Chris McGahan
4 Ken Parkes
5 Linton Irwin
6 Mark Johnson
7 Sean Leonard
8 Ian Thompson
9 Tim Stephenson

Classic 250:

1 Brian Mateer
2 Richard Ford
3 Gary Hutton
4 Alex McVicker
5 Robert Wright

Classic 1000:

1 Trevor Stewart

Senior Support:

1 Michael Browne
2 Wayne Sheehan
3 William Hara
4 Liam Chawke
5 David Murphy
6 Tommy Henry
7 Steven Clarke
8 Andy McAllister
9 Andy McPherson
10 Rad Hughes
11 Jordan McFerran
12 George Scott
13 Lloyd Collins
14 Matt Donaldson
15 Kevin Baker
16 Robert Cairns
17 Stuart McCann
18 Darryl Anderson
19 Ben Wales
20 Barry Sheehan
21 Shaun Wynne
22 Michael Hoey
23 Veronika Hankocyova
24 Mathias Winkenjohann
25 Yvonne Montgomery
26 Stephen Carr

Junior Support:

1 Wayne Sheehan
2 Barry Sheehan
3 Stephen Morrison
4 Liam Chawke
5 Darryl Anderson
6 Robert Cairns
7 Rad Hughes
8 RJ Woolsey
9 Lloyd Collins
10 John Cahill
11 Thomas Molloy
12 James Cottrell
13 Chris Meyer
14 Brian Loughlin
15 Mark Johnson

Words by Stevie Rial

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