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18 Hundred Club


The 18 hundred club is run in memory of the late but great Lee Vernon. All the members of the 18 hundred club have their names on the SV650 Suzuki that was rode by Lee in 2012. Riding the bike at this years Southern 100 was Callum Laidlaw. Callum is a up and coming road racer who at the Southern 100 recorded a top 15 finish on the 18 hundred club SV650 Suzuki super-twin.

The 18 hundred club SV650 Suzuki is at this weekends cock of the north road races at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough where Callum will be competing in the super-twin races, its great to see that Lee’s memory lives on in the 18 hundred club.

P1060075 – Link to the 18 hundred club website


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