Walderstown: Race Results

Walderstown: Race Results

Full wrap up of Walderstown ‘Race of The South’ race results, not including already showcased Supersport, Grand Final results.

Results per class, read as follows:


1st – Michael Dunlop
2nd – Michael Sweeney
3rd – Michael Browne
4th – Thomas Maxwell
5th – Graham Kennedy
6th – James Chawke
7th – Richard McLoughlin
8th – Darryl Anderson
9th – Darryl Tweed
10th – Liam Chawke
11th – Donald MacFadyen
12th – Paul Fallon
13th – Noel Carroll
14th – Vinny Brennan

Senior Support Championship Race:

1st – Kevin Keyes
2nd – Keelim Ryan
3rd – Michael Gillan
4th – Marcus Simpson
5th – John Ella
6th – Darragh Trappe
7th – Tommy Heaphy
8th – Michael Gahan
9th – Noel Smith
10th – Keith Richardson
11th – Anthony Lillis
12th – Shaun Wynne
13th – John Cahill
14th – Eugene Morahan

Junior 250 Classics:

1st – Brian Mateer
2nd – Richard Ford
3rd – Kyle Parkes
4th – Trevor Stewart
5th – RJ Woolsey
6th – Robert Wright

Junior 350 Classics:

1st – Barry Davidson
2nd – John Leigh Pemberton
3rd – Nigel Moore
4th – Michael Brady
5th – Robert McCrum
6th – Andy Kildea
7th – Jonathan Doran
8th – Freddie Stewart
9th – Gary Hutton
10th – Stephen Walsh
11th – Sean Leonard
12th – Paul McMahon
13th – Kevin Callan
14th – Pat Murray


1st – Keelim Ryan
2nd – Jonathan Watt
3rd – Alan Johnston

125/Moto 3:

1st – Marcus Simpson

Supersport 300:

1st – Barry Davidson
2nd – Mark Johnson
3rd – RJ Woolsey

Junior Support:

1st – Jonathan Watt
2nd – Michael Gillan
3rd – Jacque Foley
4th – Michael Gahan
5th – Jason Whelan
6th – Noel Smith
7th – John Ella
8th – Brian Loughlin
9th – Darragh Trappe
10th – Nigel McAuley
11th – John Cahill
12th – Liam Crotty
13th – Francis O’Hara
14th – Sean O’Toole
15th – Gary Martin
16th – Adrian Heraty
17th – Brendan Flynn

Senior 1000 Classics:

1st – Richard Ford
2nd – Andy Kildea
3rd – Ian Thompson
4th – Liam Crotty
5th – Jonathan Doran
6th – Trevor Stewart

Senior 500 Classics:

1st – John Leigh Pemberton
2nd – Patrick Walker
3rd – Freddie Stewart
4th – Pat Murray

Super Twins:

1st – Michael Sweeney
2nd – Jonathan Watt
3rd – Michael Gillan
4th – Michael Gahan
5th – Jacque Foley
6th – Darragh Crean
7th – Liam Chawke
8th – John Ella
9th – RJ Woolsey
10th – Noel Smith
11th – Richard McLoughlin
12th – Liam Crotty
13th – Mark Shiels
14th – Brian Loughlin
15th – Darragh Trappe

Senior Support Non Championship:

1st – Kevin Keyes
2nd – Marcus Simpson
3rd – Michael Gillan
4th – Keelim Ryan
5th – Tommy Heaphy
6th – Keith Richardson
7th – Anthony Lillis
8th – Darragh Trappe
9th – John Cahill
10th – Shaun Wynne
11th – Eugene Morahan

Photo credit: Derek Wilson

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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