TT 2023: It’s Gone In A Flash!

TT 2023: It’s Gone In A Flash!

I don’t think any motorsport event worldwide gives those involved such a varied range of feelings, emotions as the Isle of Man TT, the TT Races.

Michael Phelps film the Weight of Gold, captures how Olympic athletes reach utopia and then what?

Normal life, what is it, your whole life is built around those next four years.

I can imagine, certain TT racers feeling this way at present, having what some say is the ‘TT Blues’.

There is more to it though than that, to compete at the TT, takes so much time, dedication, planning, logistics, bravery, facing down fear, showing it who is boss.

Once the TT finishes for each year, almost immediately attentions turn to next year, what can be done better, how can I improve, set a PB, best that sector time.

I myself as a reporter, journalist covering the great moments, the challenging ones feels the same, but not the other worldly ambitions racers that take part have.

They are true super humans, switching from ordinary people when putting on their super human cloaks.

Privateers Champion, multiple TT podium finisher Jamie Coward, stated this about featuring on the documentary series No Room for Error.

“Just shows a different aspect, were not all like hair gel w*****s as they call them, were actually just normal human beings at the end of the day, that is what it put across I think to a lot of the people who might not see us.”

Normality then entering an ultra-spellbinding, exciting matrix form sums up the TT racing psyche.

For that one hour, two hours, fifty minutes, it’s that sensation of adrenaline, speed, senses over flowing combined.

Once that stops, it’s back to normal with a thump. Replacing what is experienced is nigh-on impossible, unless you are willing to say for example do base jumping, sky diving, walking on a tight rope across a building.

This is why TT racers are a different breed to any other motorsport participants, just my opinion.

It is one echoed though by various high profile two-wheel, four-wheel racing personalities, who are in awe of their skillset.

Another aspect which to me is why the TT, it’s racers are so loved is that fundamentally it’s anti-establishment.

How many times do you turn TV on now, watch certain news networks, programmes and are told what to think, rather than think for yourself, embrace who you are, come to your own conclusions.

TT competitors embrace fully what they represent, freedom, speed, pace, experiencing life, sporting competition to the absolute max.

From the Grand Prix, F1 World Championship days to tougher times to brighter ones, the TT remains the ultimate road race.

Inevitably it has had to evolve. We all love tradition, me included but for any major motorsport meeting to succeed, no matter how prestigious, historic, business strategy, promotion has to be on point.

One cannot but praise the TT+ digital channel, providing live coverage, growing the TT’s audience worldwide.

That’s not to say that there hasn’t been critics, reaction on social media at times is varied.

What I have also noticed throughout the past two weeks is critique of the costs of, brand-new TT merchandise.

Whilst as stated above, the TT is non establishment, it feels like establishment, stern corporate vibes are steadily, gradually dripping in.

In that respect, the TT is kind of now an oxymoron.

None the less, it’s a billion times more enthralling than Formula 1, World Superbikes, Moto GP, even BSB which is brilliant to watch.

Roll on TT 2024 and hopefully more incredible weather, hardly any rain across TT 2023, which went in an absolute flash.

Photo credit: Mark Corlett

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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