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Shoulder Problem Forces Former Phil Mellor Trophy Champion Haworth Out Of 68th Scarborough Gold Cup

2013 Lightweight Manx GP winner Alistair Haworth has been forced to curtail plans to make his racing comeback at the 68th Scarborough Gold Cup, due to a persistent shoulder injury sustained from an incident on the warm up lap for the Super Twins race at Skerries.

Candidly speaking about his shoulder injury, the former Phil Mellor Trophy victor stated:

“I was hoping to be fit enough for the Gold Cup but unfortunately it’s not going to happen. The last time I dislocated a shoulder, I was out on track 40 mins later and winning races but this time it was very different.

I couldn’t even get a spoon to my mouth a week after this, so I knew something was very wrong. It’s finally been diagnosed as a displaced greater tuberosity fracture, which is the result of the violent dislocation.

Unfortunately that means I’m definitely now out for the rest of the season.”

The 400 machinery specialist went onto add:

“It’s now just a case of working with the physio to maintain mobility, while the bones do their thing.

I’m gutted not to be able to get to the mount for 2019 but look forward to an eventual return. In the meantime, I wish the club every success with the event and hope all the riders have a safe weekend.”

Words by Stevie Rial