Racing on the Irish Roads – Racers Recollections: Ian Pert

Racing on the Irish Roads – Racers Recollections: Ian Pert

The fourth racer to take part in Road Racing News, recently launched Racing on the Irish Roads – Racers Recollections series is Hedzup Racing team founder Ian Pert.

His answers to the Irish road racing themed set of questions, are as follows:

Q1: What is your first Irish road racing memory?

“I went to the NW200 in 1997 to spectate, me and a group of friends had to hide our bikes for a few days after a ‘spirited’ lap of the course which drew the attention of the locals.

I remember Michael Rutter and Phil McCallen had wins, I was having a year out from racing to get money for a CBR600 (Honda) and had wanted to go to the North West since my friend Bruce Clark had raced it in I think 1995 or 1996.

I sadly never raced it like him though! It was to be 2013 until I would race in Ireland myself.”

Q2: Present favourite Irish road race?

“Tandragee, it’s like a mini TT! Like every Irish roads event, it’s not just the track that makes it but also the people involved, from organisers and marshals to spectators and other racers, the family of road racing!”

Q3: Who is your most respected fellow Irish roads exponent?

“Blooming heck, so many, from Dario Cecconi (sadly no longer with us) and Adam Bauer for the effort they put in to get to the roads from their own corners of the world.

Malachi Mitchell Thomas for his amazing ability, also sadly missed, to Guy Martin for bringing road racing to a new audience and for been one half of one of the best races I have been lucky enough to witness at Cookstown a few years ago.

So as you can see its a tough one, I respect and admire them all but Dan Kneen at Tandragee sticks in my mind, bloody hell, choose one, they are all worthy! As is every other racer on the roads!”

Q4: If you could alter one aspect, in particular, within the sport, what would it be and why?

“Willingness of spectators to pay an entrance fee to watch, as in my mind its the only way our sport will survive.

I know lots are happy to do so, as I am if I’m not riding, people pay stupid money to watch 22 people kick around a bag of air in their pants for an hour and a half, why not pay for a day watching a proper sport.

Every time you go to a road race you see the best in the world at what we do, let’s all help keep it alive!”

Q5: To date what has been your favourite Irish roads moment?

“Lining up at Tandragee alongside my son Calum in his first road race.”

Q6: Irish road racing summed up in one word, what would it be?


Q7: Is there any Irish roads event, that you haven’t raced at yet that you would like to?


Photo credit: John Burke Photography

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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